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Alive Foundation

Committed to care with compassion

Growing old can be a beautiful experience and a lot of positive energy can be generated through this journey. Age is just a number and everything rests in how one looks at the advancing years. So at Alive we believe that elders should be active and socially connected to enjoy their golden years. We believe that anyone with a goal in life is more productive and forward looking. You would agree that it is just the perfect time to share & add value by transferring the knowledge to the next generation.

At Alive Foundation, we strive to spread awareness about retirement life and its importance. The Foundation has been set up to drive the following objectives:

  • Social Interventions to improve the quality of life of elders
  • Awareness towards Care, Respect & Love for them
  • Research and development of new products and services which can enable a better life every day

Alive Foundation aims to work closely with Institutions and Government bodies to achieve these objectives

We welcome you to be a part of the Alive family.

If you wish to join hands in this social change movement, reach us at: