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Making homes safe & comfortable for you

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Making homes safe & comfortable for you

In India, a study shows that prevalence of falls among adults above 60 is as high as 53% and most of the falls reported occur at home. They lead to 20% to 30% of mild-to-severe injuries like hip fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and upper limb injuries. With some key modifications your home can go a long way in ensuring a safe living space for our elders.

At Alive Home Solutions, we believe being proactive is the best way forward as we age. It is an initiative that aims to provide an environment within your home to make your daily living a safe, convenient and comfortable experience.

The proprietary ‘Alive Home Assessment Methodology' (AHAM) identifies the specific needs of every elder at home; and suggests necessary modifications for preventive refurbishment. This unique assessment intervention approach will help you take the first few steps to safety and independence in your daily routine.

Preventive Refurbishment provides the right support and infrastructure to modify your home according to the needs of your advancing years. With safety as our primary focus, most of the solutions we offer revolve around ensuring that you stay safe from accidents and falls.

At Alive we make thoughtful additions to your home with world-class products and services that considerably improve the way you interact with it.

We believe one’s independence & ability to stay in their own space without assistance, is a real joy.

Indeed, long term health and agility is the most perfect & perceptive gift that can be given to elders at home.

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