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Upholding pride &
enjoying the golden years of life

At Alive, we believe retirement is fun. And we make sure the fun doesn’t have to stop. Alive is here to assist you with your safety, health and well-being while you spend your precious post-retirement years in peace. Built on a deep understanding of your unique needs, Alive is India’s first complete Ageing Solutions company which offers an all encompassing & perceptive approach for growing age needs.

To put this in perspective, our mission is Adding Life To Age


Making homes safe & comfortable for you

At Alive Home Solutions, we believe being proactive is the best way forward as we age. Home Solutions is an initiative that aims to provide an environment within your home to make your daily routine a safer, convenient and comfortable experience. We do this with our proprietary ‘Alive Home Assessment Methodology’ (AHAM) where experts understand the challenges and assess the needs; make necessary recommendations and modifications to your home and enhance your daily living.

Why not gift an enhanced and safer living experience to your parents?

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The select range for successful ageing

AliveKart is your one stop shop for health, fitness and lifestyle management needs. Now you can access a wide range of health and fitness products, simply at the click of a button. These products have been specially designed for your post-retirement years. AliveKart is here to ensure successful ageing, where you can pursue hobbies and lead a more active life, everyday.

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Enjoy in the company of like minded friends.

With habitats developed by Alive, you can experience the joy and independence of world-class community living. These spaces have been conceptualised and designed to ensure complete well-being for your evolving post retirement needs. Ageing can be filled with fun, happiness, hobbies and the warmth of companionship and Alive is committed to ensure such a vibrant life for you through its Life Spaces solutions.

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Committed to care with compassion

At Alive, we believe that graceful ageing is a well-earned right and it is our endeavor to make the journey a very memorable, happy and enjoyable one for generations to come. So through the Alive Foundation, the team intends to create a change in society’s perspective of ageing and retirement.

The objective here is to create an increased level of awareness towards the social, psychological and physical needs of elders. We also focus on research and development and conduct many intervention programmes with various institutions and the government to enhance their living experience.

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