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Health products for a healthy you.


The select range for successful ageing

AliveKart is your one stop shop for health, fitness and lifestyle management needs. No more long queues at stores, or running around for special needs products. A world-class range of health and fitness products, is available simply at the click of a button. These products have been exclusively hand-picked to suit your needs. AliveKart is here to ensure successful ageing, where you can pursue hobbies and lead a more active life, everyday.

Step away from a world where you don’t get what you need and step into ours.

Visit to know more will soon be operational, offering a select range of products specifically for your current and future needs.


  • Enhanced comfort

    Bath Safety

    • Bathroom Aids
    • Bath Lift
    • Bath Mats
    • Commode Chairs
    • Hand Held Shower Heads
    • Bath Bench
    • Grab Bars
    • Toilet Seat Raisers And Frame
    • Anti Slip Flooring & More
  • Preventive refurbishment


    • Bed Safety Accessories
    • Bedroom Accessories
    • Mattress Pads and Memory Foam
    • Overbed Trays
    • Pillows
    • Bed Rails & More

    Daily Living

    • Electronic Alert Systems
    • Back and Chair Cushions
    • Reachers
    • Pill Organizers
    • Utensils & Dinnerware
    • Home Blood Pressure Monitors
    • Seamless Slippers and Socks
    • Diabetic Foot Aid & More
    Superior security
  • Incontinence

    • Pads
    • Gloves
    • Bed pan and urinal
    • Diapers
    • Protective Diaper
    • Reusable Diaper & More
    • Walking Aids and Wheel Chairs
    • Canes
    • Crutches
    • Rollators
    • Wheel Chairs & More
    Health monitoring